Yorubatik : African inspired fashion with a global mission



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Yorubatik is an independent and locally produced brand with a global mission to celebrate and amalgamate the beauty, history and culture of Africa by fusing contemporary designs with the rest of the world.

Yorubatik customers desire unique experiences and cultural immersions with stamps of authenticity, the more unique the better by wearing apparel and accessories which celebrates a mix of cultures.

Yorubatik's current, colourful and vibrate collections are designed & crafted in the UK by using and harnessing local home grown talent from start to finish, allowing Yorubatik to ensure that the quality of the products are more than satisfactory.

Awareness raising is very important in Yorubatik's creative mission through partnerships with local communities and NGO's. AdapUK and ForwardUK are two charities; Yorubatik supports with its profits for a more developed & an anti-FGM Africa.

Yorubatik products are ideal gifts for every occasion for family or friends or wearing statement pieces.

Contact: info@yorubatik.com